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How can you transfer money?

Save more with moneycorp by picking a service that's a perfect fit for your transfer needs. Make a transfer now, start a regular payment plan or organise your transfers for a later date. Whatever method you choose, you'll get great rates.


There's various ways you can transfer

Transfer Now

A spot contract is a one-off transfer you make on the "spot". You'll benefit from highly competitive rates and express transfers that can be completed in 0-2 days.

Transfer Tomorrow

If you know your transfer needs well in advance moneycorp can help you plan to get more from moving your money.

Fix a rate

A "forward contract" will fix a transfer you want to make in the future at today's exchange rate. This is helpful if you want to avoid rate fluctuations over the course of a year.

Target a rate

A "market order" can be used to target an exchange rate you want, but isn't currently available on the market. This can potentially make you more money, your dealer will be able to help you decide what rate to target.

Regular Payment Plan

moneycorp can also help if you're sending money to Australia from the UK on a regular basis.

Fully Automated

moneycorp collect your sterling by Direct Debit and send you dollars at a schedule you want.

Control Your Budget

Arrange to fix the exchange rate for up to two years, so you don't have to worry about the rates changing and interfering with your budget as the payments will consistently be the same.


moneycorp's service is easy to use and you will receive great exchange rates when sending money overseas.

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